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Legal Ah, so that's what Google's masterplan is regarding the defense of Android against the patent trolls. HTC has just launched a few more defensive patent lawsuits against Apple, and while that's by far no longer newsworthy, it is this one time. You see, HTC is suing Apple over 9 patents that have only very recently been transferred (namely, a week ago) from Google to HTC. The patents come from Palm, Motorola, and others. This means Google is giving away its patents to Android device makers. Nice of them.
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"And btw, moral "behavior" judgments have no place in business.

What kind of bullshit is that? So if a dictator asks you to make computers for him so he can more efficiently track his subjects and torture them, a business should not take that into consideration? Wtf?

Are you actually trying to make this comparison, or is your reply meant to be taken as a joke? I really hope the latter. And clearly any company is expected to work within the bounds of law. Not that that should have to be pointed out but for some reason it seems I should.

The is a huge disconnect between Joe Average's perception of business, and the reality of what it actually is. If people lack understanding, they should acknowledge it rather than pretend all that inexperience adds up to anything remotely sane.

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