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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless In the US wireless market, AT&T is currently attempting to buy T-Mobile to create one heck of a behemoth wireless provider. While earlier this week the US government already filed a lawsuit to block the merger, citing antitrust concerns, US carrier Sprint has now also filed a lawsuit to block the merger.
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by dcbw on Fri 9th Sep 2011 00:00 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: So ..."
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More importantly though, the two CDMA providers (Verizon and Sprint) use a completely different CDMA frequency and I don't know of any CDMA phone on the market that will handle both.

Wrong. All CDMA phones on sale in the United States (and likely Canada) support both 850MHz and 1900MHz which Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular and others use. Only a few phones support the 1700MHz (AWS) CDMA frequency that Cricket uses, but those phones also support 850MHz and 1900MHz.

Sprint almost exclusively runs CDMA 1x and EVDO on 1900MHz, while Verizon runs CDMA 1x on 850MHz and 1900 MHz, and EVDO almost exclusively on 1900MHz. US Cellular is mostly an 850MHz carrier with some 1900MHz spectrum. Every CDMA phone sold in the US has support for both frequencies.

All CDMA phones in the US are capable of roaming between Sprint and Verizon and US Cellular. It's only inter-provider agreements (and the Preferred Roaming Lists built into each CDMA handset) that limit roaming. It has nothing to do with radio frequency limitations.

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