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Legal The German court in Duesseldorf has just ruled that the injunction against the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will remain in effect, hereby contradicting the Dutch courts which threw out all of Apple's claims. This limited injunction only covers Germany, and is based on a Community Design; the rest of Europe is not affected.Update IV: We finally have some more information from the courts, as well as a short response from Samsung. Big small reveal? The judge didn't handle the iPad at all - he only handled the community design. Read on for more. Also, older updates are in the 'read more' as well.
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I like Apple...
by suryad on Fri 9th Sep 2011 15:23 UTC
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they have good products and they have brought about innovative ways of computing etc etc to the masses. I like their industrial design. Defintiely hate Mac OS X cause I am so used to the Start button on windows and in Gnome 3 using the windows key to launch whatever apps I want...but there is a reason why I have never ever paid for an Apple product and this explains just why.

On the other hand I am kind of glad that this has happened because that will force Samsung to really push the boundaries and think outside of the box and make some things more different than Apple looking hardware. Samsung is a big company they will move on past this and they will bring out bigger and better products. For starters why don't they make a 12 inch tablet and also get rid of that darn thick bezel they have around the LCD? That should do the trick.

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