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Windows More news on Windows 8. This time around, Gabe Aul, a director of program management in Windows, blogged about the changes Microsoft has made to Windows 8's boot process. The results are impressive - a boot time not much slower than waking from sleep on current Windows 7 and Mac OS X machines. This is, of course, a vital component of getting Windows NT ready for tablets.
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RE: When is booting complete?
by darknexus on Fri 9th Sep 2011 22:25 UTC in reply to "When is booting complete?"
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It also matters what you consider completing the "boot" process. My current computer puts up a login window in about 15sec and I can login but I can't use the damn thing for another ~45sec-1min while it finishes the "boot" process and logs me in.

Wow, how much do you have running at startup? There's no reason it should be taking that long unless you're running Vista before sp1 or unless you have far too many startup services.

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