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Windows More news on Windows 8. This time around, Gabe Aul, a director of program management in Windows, blogged about the changes Microsoft has made to Windows 8's boot process. The results are impressive - a boot time not much slower than waking from sleep on current Windows 7 and Mac OS X machines. This is, of course, a vital component of getting Windows NT ready for tablets.
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RE: They always promise this
by kovacm on Sat 10th Sep 2011 07:01 UTC in reply to "They always promise this"
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Great post dpJudas!

I've used most iterations of Windows back to Windows 95, never spent my money on the absolute top-of-the-line hardware, and never had a boot time longer then 30 seconds to usable desktop.

my favorite part in Windows 9x was closing start menu - if you click on start menu and start to browse for favorite program BEFORE windows finished complete boot process then there is a big chance that start menu will CLOSE in moment when windows complete with booting process interrupting you in browsing through start menu.

Microsoft NEVER know how to build quality product - their products are Spaghetti code with crap UI.

like this:

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