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Windows More news on Windows 8. This time around, Gabe Aul, a director of program management in Windows, blogged about the changes Microsoft has made to Windows 8's boot process. The results are impressive - a boot time not much slower than waking from sleep on current Windows 7 and Mac OS X machines. This is, of course, a vital component of getting Windows NT ready for tablets.
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RE: They always promise this
by shotsman on Sat 10th Sep 2011 07:02 UTC in reply to "They always promise this"
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You seem to forget that the 'disk thrashing' will be a thing of the past when a new mandatory requirement of Windows 8 emerges.

-> In order to activate (if you have a Windows 8 FastBoot license) Fastboot, Windows 8 must be installed on a 12Gbps SSD of at least 1TB in size.

For everything else it is the 2-3 minutes disk thrash.

IMHO, Microsoft could do a lot to cut down the crud that gets started in an OOTB Windows 7 system. Just look at the services or the list in msconfig. There are far too many things running. If you (I mean you MS) want to get startup times down cut the crap out.

What I'd like to see is some proper benchmarks of startup. Not just with a clean freshly installed OS with no 'extras' installed. That is just not a realistic option. It is like stating that 'This car can do 160mph and in thre small(very small print) {coming down pikes peak with a following wind}.

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