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Morphos The MorphOS Team has just released an update to the MorphOS 2 SDK. The archive comes with a brand new programmer's editor offering autocomplete, syntax highlighting, jumping to definitions, declarations and documentation, etc for C based projects. Scribble's display layer is based on a port of the well known Scintilla engine. You can see Scribble in action in this video. The full news item can be found here.
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RE[4]: Wait a second.
by Raffaele on Sun 11th Sep 2011 07:30 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Wait a second."
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The fact that amiga might have done a couple things sooner than other platforms once upon a time is completely irrelevant now hth

It has text editors with syntax highlighting? Then cry baby for your ignorance, and your nice attempt at trolling saying it hasn't.

Also viton above is correct, I am an ex amiga coder and wrote several shitty things in assembly and C. Then I realized how utterly pointless this platform is for anything except having lols at the expense of people still using it in this day and age

I think you deserve all the help you need.

From your words it seems me that you are just an ex fanboy who has been left by his former girlfriend (Amiga), and now you are crying everywhere trying to convince people to believe that she is a bad girl...

How poor sobbing creature you are.

(protip: ultimately the ideal that all amigaos variants are very slowly trying to become, one half-assed port of an open-source library/application at a time, is linux. so just use linux)

Linux is for geeks who have a degree in Computer Science.

Being any average Linux user, then you can only make some basic management on the OS, using carefully KDE or Gnome, unless you starting learn deeply Computer Science to discover how Linux works, and starting compiling the kernel to add new features, or edit its thousands batch scripts.

Sure Linux is a no-no for anyday users.

Amiga is for all people and could be used by any average Joe Users. In less than a week you can learn how to control the entire machine and even doing dirty tricks. The machine will obey in an instant to the user, even on those you called undepowered machines, as its OS reacts literally at light speed even on 600 MHz underpowered CPUs.

(even people using ancient classic Amigas, that are equipped with just simple 120Mhz first PPC processors, are amazed how reactive and still plenty useful are their machines running new AmigaOS 4.1)

If you miss these points of AmigaOS (ease of use, low consumption of resources, reactivity, short curve of learning, fully controllable by the users, and capable of being usable and useful even with underpowered machines) then it was better that you left the Amiga scene. You were and are useless for it.

Amiga is a niche market for fine gourmets who are disgusted by the actual world of computers, in which are necessary double or quad cores, just to run the Operating Systems.

Just continue using Linux where I bet you are just an average user, lost in the mass of real geeks who are capable of using Linux underbelly.

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