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Graphics, User Interfaces "Like for the previous survey, there aren't much answers anymore after about one week, so I think it's time to thank everyone and close the survey, in order to publish the results along with some interpretation." As before, everything is released under Creative Commons CC0 license.
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RE: No analysis
by Neolander on Sun 11th Sep 2011 09:51 UTC in reply to "No analysis"
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Why no analysis on my free text comment? (the first one) ;)

Because it's just good. I had nothing to reply, just wanted to put it on display ;)

Anyway, I want to congratulate you on the survey. It was fun answering and I wish you the best of luck on your endeavour. ;)

It was fun writing it and examining the answers ;) The problem with this project is that I have lots of stuff to do and little available brain time for it, but I've noticed that sometimes, taking a deep breath out of the muddy implementation waters and going on a bit of "okay, let's go 5 years forward and see how more advanced stuff should work" doesn't hurt.

Oh, and I don't agree that (small scale) multi monitor setups will go away. As a programmer I need one screen with a browser and one screen with the code (and possibly a third screen for debug stuff like breakpoints, running threads, console output, etc). Certainly, we are a (perhaps shrinking) minority but I still suggest that you make your OS work awesomely with multiple monitors so we (I) can love developing applications for your new OS. As I tried to point out in my free text comment there are a lot of room for improvements. I am satisfied with my setup on Windows 7 but there's just those small details that annoy me from time to time.

Well, I do think it is important, especially as far as future-proofing the graphics stack is concerned : for all we know, future computers might all look like the XO dual-screen tablet... So at least the architecture must support it.

Best of luck!

Thanks !

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