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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Remember Fusion Garage, the company behind the JooJoo? That thing kind of went absolutely nowhere, but the company is back with another product - well, two products to be exact, or three if you want to get pedantic (and I'm nothing if not, you know, that). The Grid10 is a tablet, Grid4 a smartphone, and GridOS the operating system. It all looks pretty awesome, and is supposed to come out October 1. The Grid10 for a mere $299, and JooJoo owners will get one for free.
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I doubt this will be a success in its current form. The tablet/phone space already has too many gigantic companies with no space for the little guys.

However, there is some hope that these ideas will survive by being integrated into Android or Windows Phone. Maybe Google or Microsoft will buy these guys.

It's important that people keep trying to innovate, but pushing these features out as an update to an already-mass-market product is the key to success in such a cut-throat space.

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