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Humor I usually write about topics like operating systems and computer refurbishing. Today let's ditch that trivial stuff and tackle something really important like... How have computers and operating systems been portrayed on TV and in films? It's time we seek our inner geek. With this hearty sign of approval we're on our way...
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UNIX in Jurassic Park
by RavinRay on Tue 13th Sep 2011 02:33 UTC
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In that dino-movie, when John Hammond's grandkids were trying to the park's system online, the girl was at a console and she said "It's a UNIX workstation. I know this", then the point-of-view shifted the monitor with a 3D virtualization of the park buildings as she navigated her way to activate the security. I don't think it helped push familiarity with UNIX to the audience in general though.

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