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Humor I usually write about topics like operating systems and computer refurbishing. Today let's ditch that trivial stuff and tackle something really important like... How have computers and operating systems been portrayed on TV and in films? It's time we seek our inner geek. With this hearty sign of approval we're on our way...
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RE: on utube
by zima on Tue 13th Sep 2011 16:13 UTC in reply to "on utube"
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Metro UI is already quite similar to LCARS - very textual, with large uniform areas of colour on a mostly black background, scrolling around. Not quite the same... but remember, LCARS is mostly a film prop meant to look good, be impressive for the audiences, that's its role.

It's kinda similar with voice communication. It's a tool of cinematography, a way for actors to... act. Seeing somebody just silently typing or clicking or swiping in the background would quickly get old.
(plus, the curious thing with voice communication in scifi is that the computers, typically, are able to almost always understand complex meanings of often vague commands, and do virtually everything by themselves / via automated systems what the crews are really for? ;p )
Likewise with scifi video conferencing - primarily, a way to act, to depict the story in a way conductive to mass-consumed video medium. Same with whole depicted technology / physics / world, really.

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