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Windows Today, at Microsoft's BUILD conference in Anaheim, California, Microsoft unveiled the biggest overhaul of Windows since Windows 95. The venue was not coincidental; in the same city, in 1993, during the first Professional Developers Conference, Microsoft unveiled Windows 95 for the first time. Steven Sinofsky, supported by an army of Microsoft executives, demonstrated a whole boatload of things for Windows 8, and make no mistake, they had a lot to show. Two important notes: the Windows 8 Developer Preview will be free to download later today (no activation, will be updated regularly, and includes the new interface), and Win32 is the past.
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Thom is still wrong about win32
by IanDumych on Wed 14th Sep 2011 14:56 UTC
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Thom, when are you going to stop perpetuating this "Win32 is dead" nonsense? Metro is blatently a shell running on the same old gui. Did you even bother reading the developer overview? Metro apps can be made using the Win32 api Not only that, every single demo that we've seen so far has clearly shown a typical Windows setup with the Metro UI running as an application full screen, and when you run a normal native app it pops up in the old shell, right behind metro.

I want to see a true break from the aging Win32 api as much as anyone else, but the stuff you've been saying is still fantasy.

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