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Windows This is mandatory listening and watching material for understanding the design methodology and ideas behind the Metro interface in Windows 8 (and thus, Windows Phone 7). All this sounds great in theory, and Jensen Harris, one of the minds behind Metro, is clearly passionate about it - and I love people who are passionate about their work. It's just that to me, the Metro UI doesn't seem to work very well for actual work. I want window management! I'm taking all this into account for an article on Metro in the Developer Preview. Stay tuned.
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most people (yes most) simply do not and never will understand how to use a traditional desktop effectively.

This is a UI to allow non-computer users to actually use a computer without being nervous.

I don't buy this at all. For one, no-one who was born in the last 20-30 years are afraid of computers. Computers are a part of everyday life now, they're not mystery boxes that only scientists in white lab-coats can operate and understand. They may not be experts but they sure know enough to operate a computer and not "be afraid" of it.
Secondly people aren't idiots. This mentality that most people (which usually mean "people not as smart as me", with smart being a very subjective metric) can not, and do not want, to learn just bugs me to no end.
It's this kind of condescending attitude that turn people off and that make them consider "computer users" arrogant bastards.
My wife has no problem using a computer (and she grew up on poverty) and neither has my daughter. Granted there's obviously things that can be improved but this whole "people are afraid of computers and we must make computers idiot-simple" thing is nonsense.

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