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Windows This is mandatory listening and watching material for understanding the design methodology and ideas behind the Metro interface in Windows 8 (and thus, Windows Phone 7). All this sounds great in theory, and Jensen Harris, one of the minds behind Metro, is clearly passionate about it - and I love people who are passionate about their work. It's just that to me, the Metro UI doesn't seem to work very well for actual work. I want window management! I'm taking all this into account for an article on Metro in the Developer Preview. Stay tuned.
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I put Metro to the 'wife' test
by brewmastre on Thu 15th Sep 2011 11:56 UTC
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I distro-hop quite a lot, like I'm sure many OSnews and /. users do. At any given moment my wife can open up the laptop and be presented with KDE4, Ubuntu/Gnome, Ubuntu/Unity, Fedora/Gnome3, Enlightenment, or Haiku. Now, my wife can manage her way around a computer, but she is certainly not a geek like myself; that said, she can always figure out what to do and how to do it on any of those systems. Even with Gnome3, which so many seem to consider a train wreck, she does absolutely fine (almost makes it look effortless). Yesterday, my wife was presented with Metro...and there it was, the dear in headlights look. Finally after 5-10 seconds of shocked staring, she said, "Ok, I guess Internet Explorer should work...", and clicked the tile(is that what we call them now?) and IE snapped right to the surface. The problem then was "how does she do anything?". See, I had already used IE prior to here trying it, so there was a page already open. She was presented that previous page in a completely chromeless way that now amount of mouse movement seemed to fix. She could scroll up and down and use the current page, but had no idea that she had to right-click to bring up the controls for the app. This story seems to be consistent with all of the metro apps in Win8. Eventually I started searching the tubes for a way to disable the Metro interface and start menu. Finally I found a regisry key to update: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explo rer\RPEnabled...use at your own risk. For some, they say it's the sure-fire way to town the regular start menu on/off. For me it meant one thing, never being able to logon to Windows again. That's right, after changing that key from '1' to '0', I was then presented with an incomplete Windows logon screen that only gave me the option to Sleep or shutdown/restart. I really thought this little test would last longer, but it appears that Fedora will be reinstalled less than 24 hours since my Win8 install.

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