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Windows This is mandatory listening and watching material for understanding the design methodology and ideas behind the Metro interface in Windows 8 (and thus, Windows Phone 7). All this sounds great in theory, and Jensen Harris, one of the minds behind Metro, is clearly passionate about it - and I love people who are passionate about their work. It's just that to me, the Metro UI doesn't seem to work very well for actual work. I want window management! I'm taking all this into account for an article on Metro in the Developer Preview. Stay tuned.
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About current OSs combining GUI and CLI : I think this is different. I haven't ever needed to touch the Windows CLI for anything but extremely geeky stuff as far as I can remember. Today, the only thing I'd need a CLI for on Windows is OS development. Same for OS X. On those OSs, CLI has become a very specialized interface, which most people can live without.

My gripe with Windows 8 is that, like on desktop Linux, most people will have to use the secondary interface at some point, to learn two different UI paradigms over the course of their lives. This is what looks suboptimal for me.

I have yet to see a UI that is simple enough for consumer use and powerful enough for expert use... If someone builds one Ill be the first to applaud it - but until then we have to make do.

Depends what you call expert, I guess. If it means "people who use a computer at work" in a general sense (experienced users of Office, Photoshop, AutoCAD, ...), I think it is doable, but we just haven't tried hard enough yet ;)

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