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Windows InfoWorld's Doug Dineley and Brian Chee round up the best new features of Windows Server 8. 'If you're a large shop struggling to manage hundreds of Windows servers, Windows Server 8 should ease the job. If you're a small shop trying to squeeze high-end capability from a low-end budget, Windows Server 8 has plenty for you, too. With Windows Server 8, everything from server deployment to high availability becomes smoother and more automated.' From multiserver management, to friction-free server deployment, to flexible live migration, 'whatever grudge you may hold against Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 8 will almost certainly make amends.'
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RE: irony
by Laurence on Fri 16th Sep 2011 07:34 UTC in reply to "irony"
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The irony here is that in order to read this article I have to go through a big ass flash ad which will no longer work in IE8/Metro.

(not that I see the add since I use click-toflash but still)


I didn't have to.

Also, if you managed to bypass the ad (due to your Flash blocker), then I'm sure Metro users can too ;)

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