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Linux "Many Linux distributions have taken the path of easy GUI-based installation, in order to appeal to a broader mix of users. But not Arch Linux, which emphasises simplicity of technical complexity over general usability. Richard Hillesley explains."
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Arch seems great in so many ways... fast and simple like Slackware, fast package manager with dependency checking, a system-wide configuration file. I've tried to use it several times in the past, but I always fail when it comes time to use the package manager and start installing a desktop environment and/or updating the system. I can use Debian's, Zenwalk's and even Slackware's package management systems fine, and with a bit of reading I could easily learn most of the others. But Arch... I just can't figure it out, with its cryptic switches. Sy? Su? Syu? Whatever. I give up on it.

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