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Windows In the article on Windows 8, I already mentioned that in order to demonstrate the viability of Metro for something other than Facebook and Twitter, Microsoft should come up with a Metro interface for Microsoft Office - one that doesn't leave out 90% of Office's features. Well, Microsoft has hinted that they are, indeed, working on Metro Office. In addition, it turns out Microsoft isn't entirely sure to how to address the issue if legacy applications on ARM.
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Well, I have used metro and I'd disagree. Metro will be godsend to most laymen. If anything, it's unfamiliar.

>> What sucks is metro's implementation of a single-window interface. Metro's implementation it's just awful, illogical, confusing.
I'm genuinely interested as to why you believe so. GUIs on windows are already an inconsistent mess.

The only real complaint about metro would be a complaint with all touch-interfaces -- they're not discoverable. The prime advantage that WIMP-based GUIs have over CLIs is precisely that you don't need to RTFM. That said, with cryptic and tiny icons, modal interfaces most of this advantage is lost. Even so, Metro has strict guidelines including for gestures as well, so I have more hope for it.

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