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Linux "Many Linux distributions have taken the path of easy GUI-based installation, in order to appeal to a broader mix of users. But not Arch Linux, which emphasises simplicity of technical complexity over general usability. Richard Hillesley explains."
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RE[3]: Arch is way overrated
by Morgan on Sun 18th Sep 2011 07:49 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Arch is way overrated"
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Interesting, the wicd problem in Slack was one of the things that drove me away. No matter what I tried, including building the packages from source, I couldn't get it to find any networks. I tried all the fixes mentioned on support forums to no avail. My wireless card is the Dell 1390, a Broadcom based chip, but I had the same issue with an Intel wifi card and a Ralink card under Slackware. Strangely enough, the same packages under Arch work fine on my hardware, though I will say the Ralink 2500 card has terrible reception compared to the other two.

Of course, wifi support wasn't the only reason I switched to Arch, it was just the final frustrating nail in the coffin. I do still love Slack on older, more mainstream hardware (though to be honest it doesn't get much more mainstream than the Dell Latitude series, the best supported laptops in the alternative OS world in my experience). I just want my computers to work with minimum fuss, and on the Linux side of things that has consistently been Arch lately.

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