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Linux "Many Linux distributions have taken the path of easy GUI-based installation, in order to appeal to a broader mix of users. But not Arch Linux, which emphasises simplicity of technical complexity over general usability. Richard Hillesley explains."
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Yeah, I just kind of assumed that for a distro whose users seem to prize its manual in a way similar to Gentoo, that reading the wiki and online manual would be enough. I was just kind of assuming that these manuals would give me all I needed to know--I wasn't really expecting to need to use the man pages for the basics of a critical part of the system (package management) when Arch's online instructions are so widely acclaimed. I plan on trying Arch again in a virtual machine sometime and I'll see if I can get farther this time.

It's all in the online manual and wiki's as well.

Besides, if you can't wrap your head around --help nor man (which, let's be honest, is be bare minimum you need to know when using the command line), then install a GUI front end:

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