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Legal So, after a bunch of attacks from Apple, Samsung seems to have gone on the offensive against the gadget maker from Cupertino - and big time, too. In three countries, France, Australia, and South Korea, Samsung has filed patent infringement lawsuits against Apple - with the South Korea suit being the weird one. Unlike Apple's software patents and napkin scribbles community designs, Samsung is using actual hardware patents.
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Biggest fun arguing with apple fan-boys
by n0b0dy on Tue 20th Sep 2011 07:09 UTC
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Apple did something pretty amazing, they became HUGE, RICH and well, huge again. So huge in fact that they dwarf Microsoft (aka the evil empire).

Oh, what? Wait!!! Apple are no longer the underdogs!
Apple are no longer the rebels with their shiny well designed toys. Apple fan-boys are actually storm troopers. Yes, apple is now officially the evil empire.
I know it sounds pretty Kevin Smith-ish, but you should see their faces when you lay it down like this in front of them.
It gets funnier when they start talking human engineering, UI and interfaces right before you shove Gnome3 & Unity at their faces. :-)

As for 4g etc, I sincerely couldn't care less. I tend to use wifi for data transfer much more than I use 3g.

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