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Legal So, after a bunch of attacks from Apple, Samsung seems to have gone on the offensive against the gadget maker from Cupertino - and big time, too. In three countries, France, Australia, and South Korea, Samsung has filed patent infringement lawsuits against Apple - with the South Korea suit being the weird one. Unlike Apple's software patents and napkin scribbles community designs, Samsung is using actual hardware patents.
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RE[2]: Nationalism
by kahen on Tue 20th Sep 2011 07:22 UTC in reply to "RE: Nationalism"
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I believe Apple's marketshare in S. Korea is virtually non-existent. The reason being that doing online banking or really much of anything online there requires MSIE because of choices made over a decade ago regarding encryption. The current system basically boils down to "you can't use the encrypted S. Korean parts of the internet (e.g. anything concerning money) without a key issued by the government" - unsurprisingly the government really likes that kind of power.

I think there is a pretty big Apple store in Seoul, but it can't be anything other than a prestige project.

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