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Privacy, Security, Encryption After having its SSL and EVSSL certificates deemed untrustworthy by the most popular browsers, VASCO announced that DigiNotar, filed a voluntary bankruptcy petition and was declared bankrupt today. This is unsurprising, since a report issued by security audit firm Fox-IT, who has been hired to investigate the now notorious DigiNotar breach, revealed that things were far worse than we were led to believe.
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No big surprise here.
by Alfman on Tue 20th Sep 2011 23:48 UTC
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DigiNotar had to fall.

However this does nothing to solve the more fundamental problem of third party trust built into HTTPS/SSL.

With hundreds of CA's today, each and every one of them posses the technical ability to sign fraudulent certificates which the browsers would validate as genuine. This is a real hurdle for the IT community.

I had a long discussion with Lennie, another poster here on osnews, about some alternative ideas. I believe his "convergence" video link does an excellent job highlighting the issues and potential solutions.

Personally I favor DNS based solutions which eliminate the underlying need for third party CA's.

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