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Windows Why, would you look at this. All this time we were expecting Apple to be the first one to flip the switch and limit desktop users to Mac App Store applications and turn Mac OS X into a walled garden, but in fact, Microsoft will be the first to flip this switch. As it turns out, Metro applications can only be installed through the Windows Store - with sideloading only for enterprises and developers (this doesn't apply to legacy applications).
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by foregam on Wed 21st Sep 2011 18:14 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by jbauer"
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Your comments would lead me to believe that you never listened to any of the keynotes. MS said that there are content CONSUMPTION and content CREATION applications. Metro is designed for the former. And MS said there is a market for the latter. There are plenty of consumption apps that will continue to be sold (Photoshop, Premiere, MS Office, etc). [emphasis added]

Puh-leeze. Photoshop Tablet Edition with Metro UI might appear some day but MS will be announcing Windows 11 by then. API's come and go, Win32 is here to stay. It was declared 'legacy' long ago, yet .Net is just running alongside it and there's no hint of Win32 possibly disappearing. It took ages to remove DOS compatibility from NT, for goodness' sake. So don't hold your breath.

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