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Windows After the walled garden coming to the desktop operating system world, we're currently witnessing another potential nail in the coffin of the relatively open world of desktop and laptop computing. Microsoft has revealed [.pptx] that as part of its Windows 8 logo program, OEMs must implement UEFI secure boot. This could potentially complicate the installation of other operating systems, like Windows 7, XP, and Linux.
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RE[5]: Comment by OSbunny
by lemur2 on Thu 22nd Sep 2011 10:09 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by OSbunny"
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You say "it is not possible" to add such a thing to an open source project.

That would be a bit naive.

It is like saying: it is not possible to be struck by lightning.

It is possible, just not very likely.

An "open source project" typically has dozens, sometimes hundreds, of independent developers, in countries all over the world, pouring over the code.

Useful malware would take many hundreds or thousands of lines of source code.

How exactly would you propose that a malicious individual hides hundreds or thousands of lines of code in plain sight as a submission to an open source project being worked on by dozens of others?

It is just not credible that this could happen.

More to the point, in over a decade of open source software development over thousands and thousands of projects, it never has happened.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

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