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Windows After the walled garden coming to the desktop operating system world, we're currently witnessing another potential nail in the coffin of the relatively open world of desktop and laptop computing. Microsoft has revealed [.pptx] that as part of its Windows 8 logo program, OEMs must implement UEFI secure boot. This could potentially complicate the installation of other operating systems, like Windows 7, XP, and Linux.
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RE[3]: Comment by ronaldst
by Thom_Holwerda on Thu 22nd Sep 2011 11:12 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by ronaldst"
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I think we all get this. But the question is why was it engineered to take power away from the owners? This is not a necessary element of secure boot. Even if 99% of users never need to touch it, why prohibit them from doing so if they want to use it with their own code? That's the problem that we/I have.

The problem is that Apple fanatics tend to be blind to issues beyond the needs of Apple users. The kind of control we hand over to private entities we have ZERO control over, entities which have very close ties to what I consider to be an immoral, inhumane, and barbaric regime (the US one, no matter the party or president in power) is something I do not find particularly comforting.

Not that it WILL affect me in any way, but the POSSIBILITY should make any true democrat [the ideology, not the party] nervous.

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