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Windows After the walled garden coming to the desktop operating system world, we're currently witnessing another potential nail in the coffin of the relatively open world of desktop and laptop computing. Microsoft has revealed [.pptx] that as part of its Windows 8 logo program, OEMs must implement UEFI secure boot. This could potentially complicate the installation of other operating systems, like Windows 7, XP, and Linux.
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RE[7]: Comment by shmerl
by lucas_maximus on Thu 22nd Sep 2011 22:08 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Comment by shmerl"
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Whatever they pay, they still inflate the price because of that. I don't really care about how much they pay, I care about having a choice not to be affected by this bundling.

No we care about getting shit done.

I explained to you but you ignored that I can get discounts from MS.

It is quite simple ... it works for us. If you don't f--king like that too f--king bad. I don't really care how much you value freedom ... It it called a "deal" and it has been done since the start of time ... get a clue would you.

You see, you are disproving your own point (which was seriously people just expect this.). He knew it was iPod (i.e. Apple), still he expected to copy the song to other device because it's a natural thing to expect. Only after he started to dwell on it more, he agreed that since it's Apple, that won't work. But normal expectation - it should work. So when it doesn't work - it's not a norm. That was my point.

I am not disproving my own point. The point was that nobody unless us geeks really give a shit. He bascially said "oh wait I bought some apple shit and it didn't work with some TESCO shit ... well okay fair enought".

Thus the Hoover example. but you didn't quite catch on.

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