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Legal "Samsung made comments early Friday about going on the offensive with its ongoing patent dispute with Apple, and it appears to be putting its money (and its lawyers) where its mouth is. The Korean company just filed a complaint with The Hague, seeking a ban on all sales of Apple's smartphones and tablets due to alleged infringement of four of its wireless mobile technology patents. Dutch site has the details of the new complaint filed with The Hague, which relates specifically to 3G mobile networking technologies, as well as technologies governing the transfer rate of data to mobile devices over a cellular network. Samsung's complaint covers Apple itself, as well as five other private companies that manage Apple's sales and distribution channels in the Netherlands." I'll be following the Twitter feeds from The Hague closely coming Monday when the meeting about possible FRAND licensing takes place. Let's hope Samsung manages to pull an injunction out of all this.
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RE[4]: Casus belli
by allanregistos on Mon 26th Sep 2011 00:19 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: You have an agenda to push"
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OMG! Yes, ok, in your utopian, everything is about fairness, f--k the corporations world, yes, Samsung (the biggest conglomerate in APAC) is the little guy valiantly fighting Apple, the American imperialist pig.

In an EU court, Samsung the company is suing Apple the company using an FRAND patent. That court won't care that Apple is suing Samsung over some other patent. Their going to look at the merits of the case and in the EU (and US for that matter) courts take a very dim view of companies attempting to sue using FRAND patents.

You still believe in the law right? Or did you give that up to push your agenda?

Kristoph, you seem to have a distorted view of reality, you need to see and read events in context, lawyers needs to to this to understand the case they were handling. Man needs to look at the context of the events when it takes place, not just the 1:1 ratio. Yes, this case is Samsung vs. Apple and lawyers needs to address this case based solely on this case filed by Samsung as posted by the author. Samsung in this case, is on the defensive, and because it now goes on to the offensive, I believe when taken on context of nation vs. nation, this is another example of Casus belli, since Apple wanted to destroy all tablets and Smartphones made by Samsung.

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