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Windows The story about how secure boot for Windows 8, part of UEFI, will hinder the use of non-signed binaries and operating systems, like Linux, has registered at Redmond as well. The company posted about it on the Building Windows 8 blog - but didn't take any of the worries away. In fact, Red Hat's Matthew Garrett, who originally broke this story, has some more information - worst of which is that Red Hat has received confirmation from hardware vendors that some of them will not allow you to disable secure boot.
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RE[5]: Pressure Microsoft
by Neolander on Tue 27th Sep 2011 16:09 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Pressure Microsoft"
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Again, if I remember correctly, the implementation of EFI which you find on Macs does not follow the spec well, and standard-compliant EFI OSs must be heavily patched and riddled with specific workarounds to work well on Macs. For me, this qualifies as a proprietary firmware.

If I created a dvd drive which only works with square DVDs, and my company was the only one selling these drives, would you call that a standard DVD drive, or a proprietary drive ?

I don't believe that Apple would have a strong interest in preventing installation of other OSs on Macs right now, they don't have a strong interest in helping it either for that matter. However I do believe that the company has a strong interest in making installation of Mac OS X impossible on cheap standards-compliant PCs. And that nonstandard firmwares are a way to achieve that goal. So when I read on Linux development mailing lists that the implementation of EFI which you find on Macs is requires patching to deal with, I have a hard time believing that this is accidental.

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