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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless This is the biggest one yet. Microsoft's professional extortion campaign - the third side of the same triangle it shares with Apple and Oracle - has finally hit Samsung. The two companies have signed a patent licensing agreement concerning Samsung's use of Android, in which a rumoured fee of $15 (!) per device will flow from Seoul to Redmond. Not entirely coincidentally, that's about the price of a Windows Phone 7 license.
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Wow, Thom, you negated every one of my comments with that non-retort.

Why would I want to counter points that (except for a few idiotic ones) clearly true? Google is no saint, and I never claimed otherwise.

That's the problem with debating with zealots such as yourself. You think everything is black and white, so when people like me - non-zealots - have issues with your pet company, you automatically assume we are cheering for the other team all the way, that we approve everything they do.

You think that because that's how your mind works. You are projecting your mindset ("ALL APPLE DO = GOOD") onto mine, simply because you are incapable of realising that the world is not black and white. For people like me, who have no specific undying love for any company, companies can do both good and bad things - at the same time.

Look, Kelly, the fact that we are allowing you to post here in spite of all the things you've done to me and Eugenia, and despite the things you said about my family, is something of a miracle. Don't squander it.

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