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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless This is the biggest one yet. Microsoft's professional extortion campaign - the third side of the same triangle it shares with Apple and Oracle - has finally hit Samsung. The two companies have signed a patent licensing agreement concerning Samsung's use of Android, in which a rumoured fee of $15 (!) per device will flow from Seoul to Redmond. Not entirely coincidentally, that's about the price of a Windows Phone 7 license.
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RE[2]: Why would I hate Google?
by Moredhas on Thu 29th Sep 2011 00:57 UTC in reply to "RE: Why would I hate Google?"
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Google fan that I am, I assure you my dislike of Apple is well founded, based on product experience. When I was selling phones, we sold far more Galaxy S handsets alone than we did iPhones. I saw more iPhones come back on warranty calls, and more iPhones come back broken for insurance calls than I did all models of Android devices put together, every month. I wish I'd kept some solid metrics of that... Also, iPhone owners tend to put up with problematic behaviour on their phones a lot more than Android device owners. Android owners were bringing their phones back on warranty for some vague idea of sluggishnes (when in fact they were quite quick and perfectly fine), while friends with iPhones, their phones crawl along at a snail's pace, their apps randomly close on them regularly, they drop calls, lose messages, their email account settings magically break all the time, and they think their phones are fine!

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