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Mozilla & Gecko clones Mozilla has released Firefox 7. Unlike releases of Firefox 5 and Firefox 6 which were relatively minor upgrades to the browser, Firefox 7 includes a number of significant improvements, most important of which is probably the drastically reduced memory usage.
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"Starting with Firefox 8. The extensions will start being treated as compatible by default, with certain one blacklisted if they are known to cause problems."

I'm running FF 9 Nightly alpha builds, and almost every single update breaks some addons. Just 5 minute ago I was prompted to update, but warned that it would break some of my addons.

If what you say is true, I'm curious why they haven't applied this fix to FF9 Alpha yet. Mozilla hosing addons all the time sucks, both as a user and as a developer.

You put my words in quotes like you were taking them exactly, but that's not what i said at all.

I said, they were going to start addressing the addon issue starting with FF8.

Then, separately, I said there was a plan to make addons compatible by default. Although I'll admit i worded it a bit unclearly. I don't know when that is supposed to take affect. Perhaps FF10, which is due to go into Aurora any time now.

The automatic compatibility also won't apply to any binary extensions, but I think the vast majority would be included.

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