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Mozilla & Gecko clones Mozilla has released Firefox 7. Unlike releases of Firefox 5 and Firefox 6 which were relatively minor upgrades to the browser, Firefox 7 includes a number of significant improvements, most important of which is probably the drastically reduced memory usage.
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I was actually replying to Alfman and not you - unless you are the same person?

I think we actually agree on most things, as I was getting my info from that same link you posted earlier.

What I was specifically referring to was this:

And it was quite eye-opening when I learned that only 25% of the 600 million add-ons in use every day in Firefox 4 and later are active on AMO. That means at least 75% of add-ons aren’t getting the benefits of the automatic compatibility system we created, as well as the security and quality reviews that hosted add-ons receive. When we created the compatibility plan for the new development cycles, we weren’t aware that so many add-ons wouldn’t even be affected by it.

So while the CURRENT system of auto-updating all Mozilla hosted addons may be hitting a 97% success rate, lots of Google Toolbar extensions are not included in that. It's true that they generally just have to bump the version number to fix it - but that is something these 3rd parties are not doing in a timely fashion. Therefore, in the future the system will change to always assume the addon will work which should fix this problem.

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