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Mozilla & Gecko clones Mozilla has released Firefox 7. Unlike releases of Firefox 5 and Firefox 6 which were relatively minor upgrades to the browser, Firefox 7 includes a number of significant improvements, most important of which is probably the drastically reduced memory usage.
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"We’ve automatically bumped thousands of add-ons for each Aurora version and emailed developers with the results of our compatibility scanning. When Firefox 6 launched, 97% of add-ons compatible with Firefox 5 were still compatible with 6. And we’re on track to launch Firefox 7 tomorrow with 99% compatibility from 6."

They bump (AMO hosted, non-binary) addons for Aurora versions.

See, I think they are bumping the versions during Aurora development. And he is tracking Aurora, which means that when the channel has him upgrade to the new version they haven't been bumped yet. Then over the next 6 weeks the addons are bumped and tested. If he moved to the Beta channel he'd get the benefit of having everything bumped before updating.

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