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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless This is the biggest one yet. Microsoft's professional extortion campaign - the third side of the same triangle it shares with Apple and Oracle - has finally hit Samsung. The two companies have signed a patent licensing agreement concerning Samsung's use of Android, in which a rumoured fee of $15 (!) per device will flow from Seoul to Redmond. Not entirely coincidentally, that's about the price of a Windows Phone 7 license.
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RE[2]: Slaves
by cyrilleberger on Thu 29th Sep 2011 08:31 UTC in reply to "RE: Slaves"
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"smaller companies"... aren't we talking about samsung here ? The company that makes about three times more than Apple and Microsoft, 50% more than IBM ;)

They don't go after small companies, they go after companies who make profits, and will be able to give them money. There is no point in attacking the linux fundation, it does not have much money, it does not sell products, and they are sure to try to fight back. All it will give to MS is bad press.

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