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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless This is the biggest one yet. Microsoft's professional extortion campaign - the third side of the same triangle it shares with Apple and Oracle - has finally hit Samsung. The two companies have signed a patent licensing agreement concerning Samsung's use of Android, in which a rumoured fee of $15 (!) per device will flow from Seoul to Redmond. Not entirely coincidentally, that's about the price of a Windows Phone 7 license.
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RE: play fair
by dsmogor on Thu 29th Sep 2011 12:56 UTC in reply to "play fair"
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The funny thing is that MS is trolling its own partners while hoping they will promote its own platform stuck in a hard place. And still they grin and plead.
Google could still play hard and tell their partners to drop WP7 plans or face moto patents asserted , but they declared themselves as "Do not evil" company. Looks like being labbeled as "Evil empire" gives MS more operational freedom than its competitors, as apparently the etics of doing business concern nobody these times.

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