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Mozilla & Gecko clones Mozilla has released Firefox 7. Unlike releases of Firefox 5 and Firefox 6 which were relatively minor upgrades to the browser, Firefox 7 includes a number of significant improvements, most important of which is probably the drastically reduced memory usage.
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All Firefox vs. Chrome dick-measuring is pointless, both of them are amateur-hour toys given the lack of 64-bit support on Windows. For all of the knee-jerk, anti-MS whining about how far behind IE is, there have been 64-bit versions available since at least IE7. C'mon guys, at least try to keep up LOL!

Until Google or Mozilla manage to reach at least the same level that IE was at 3-4 years ago, I'll stick the vastly-superior IE 10 thankyouverymuch.

IE9 64 bit support sucks - they didn't integrate their new javascript engine with it, which means you get comparable performance to Firefox from 5 years ago.

Has IE10 fixed that? I know Mozilla setup some Win64 test machines somewhat recently, so that support may be coming soon.

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