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Gnome GNOME 3.2 has been released. It's basically a collection of relatively small updates, improvements, and bug fixes. As whole, it's a pretty big upgrade, but there's nothing really that stands out to me - probably because I don't use GNOME3 myself so I really have no idea where it's lacking (if at all). Any GNOME3 users care to shine a light on this one?
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Looks like minor improvements
by crystall on Fri 30th Sep 2011 09:13 UTC
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It seems to me that they cleaned up a couple of really glaring mistakes they made but there's still lots of stuff that needs to be polished. For my part I'd love to have a better application launcher, I am really unimpressed by the inflexible and clunky text-based search in the activities. Especially as there have been already much, much better alternatives like GNOME Do. From my perspective I hope that the extensions that I use to make it usable will still be compatible or will be made so. Things like the new alt-tab behavior are so annoying they would make it unusable for me if I couldn't fix them.

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