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Linux Linux is struggling on the desktop because it only has a small number of "great" apps, according to the Gnome co-creator. Miguel de Icaza, co-creator of the Gnome desktop, told tech journalist Tim Anderson at the recent Windows 8 Build conference "When you count how many great desktop apps there are on Linux, you can probably name 10," de Icaza said, according to a post on Anderson's IT Writing blog. "You work really hard, you can probably name 20. We've managed to p*** off developers every step of the way, breaking APIs all the time."
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by lemur2 on Fri 30th Sep 2011 10:20 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by stabbyjones"
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Now take out all the ones that are available on windows and/or Mac. That's what this is about. Are there any apps out there that are so utterly awesome that anybody would want to switch to Linux?

Oh, I'm not a windows fanboy BTW. I'm a Mac fanboy. I do a lot of writing and Apple's Pages is the most incredible word processor ever made. The first wp I've seen on which styles actually make sense. I run a Mac because Pages is available on it.

Your turn. What Linux app gives such an incredible user experience that I should give up the Mac and run a Linux box instead? And keep in mind that anything that runs via a native port (eg Firefox), or as an X port (scribus) or via Darwinports or Fink does not qualify. I can run those already.

Hey, I like the Linux politics. But it's not enough, I need great software that I cannot get anywhere else. Give me a reason to switch!

You have a point here. For the most part, one can achieve whatever one wants to achieve on any well-supported platform, be it Linux, Mac or Windows.

The killer feature of Linux is value-for-money. One can achieve vastly more capability per dollar spent on a Linux machine.

That feature may not be very attractive however to someone who has already blown their money on an expensive Mac or Windows system.

In fact, such people might even come on Internet forums and try to justify their expensive choice, perhaps to make them feel better. They might even go so far as to try to insist that a far better value-for-money alternative doesn't exist, when clearly, it does. They might even down-vote others in a kind of semi-irrational state of denial.

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