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Internet & Networking Other than the low price (only $199?!) and the fact that Google is getting absolutely nothing out of Amazon's use of Android, I couldn't really bring myself to caring too much about the Kindle Fire (Apple and/or Microsoft patent lawsuit in 3... 2... 1), but there is one aspect that intrigued me - Amazon's beefing up of what at its core is Opera Mini.
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This could actually be a legal problem for Amazon down the road. If Amazon is in fact selling these things for below cost, I could see lawsuits for anti-competitive behavior coming from some other tablet vendor who doesn't have comparable ways to recoup losses. Amazon's massive bundled service infrastructure definitely has the potential to push fringe hardware competitors out of the market if they can leverage those services to sell their tablets below cost.

I have no idea whether or not any such suit would be successful as proving predatory pricing is very difficult, but I imagine there has to be some limit to how far you can take this "razor blade" model as being legitimate competition.

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