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Linux "Intel and Samsung are now confirmed to be working under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation, and with the cooperation of the Limo Foundation, on 'Tizen', a new mobile operating system based on Linux. Various rumours about the parties' future plans for MeeGo and merging of plans have been in circulation, but the announcement of a new operating system was unexpected. The Tizen operating system will combine components of MeeGo and Limo with an emphasis on supporting HTML5-based applications and WAC (Wholesale Applications Community) distribution and APIs. WAC is the product of a number of mobile companies who have developed a uniform platform for mobile widgets and applications based on W3C standards."
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RE[2]: Another road to nowhere
by moondevil on Sat 1st Oct 2011 07:35 UTC in reply to "RE: Another road to nowhere"
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This dumb thing was started by Microsoft trying to make web designers(HTML/JS) think they can do "real" programming and "real" apps too. It's just recycling web designers.

Don't put the blame on Microsoft for this one. They are just following the trend with Windows 8, if that is what you mean.

Nokia had WebWidgets on Symbian, Apple initially only allowed Web based Apps, Psion followed with WebOS and Google is advocating ChromeOS.

All of this happened long before Microsoft had anything to say about it.

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