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Gnome GNOME 3.2 has been released. It's basically a collection of relatively small updates, improvements, and bug fixes. As whole, it's a pretty big upgrade, but there's nothing really that stands out to me - probably because I don't use GNOME3 myself so I really have no idea where it's lacking (if at all). Any GNOME3 users care to shine a light on this one?
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Comment by neruson
by neruson on Sat 1st Oct 2011 16:36 UTC
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I don't dislike the Gnome shell at all, I still use it on my desktop. I might switch it out to Mate if they don't fix that memory leak issue, but I'll wait until 3.2 is available in the Arch repos before I make a decision. My only real gripe with it is that they got rid of the bottom panel that I always used for tabs and my workspace switcher and don't give anyone an option to add it back unless you go into fallback mode which is just a crippled Gnome 2 imo. Personally I find having to go to into the shell just view my minimized applications and switch a workspace kind of annoying, and if I wanted to use shortcut keys I'd install openbox or some other window manager. I understand that a lot of people may not care about customizing their OS to fit their preferences, but for me, that was one of things that made fall in love with linux and Gnome in the first place. I like to tinker with my operating system and Gnome 3 doesn't give me the option to do it, and if they do they make it incredibly difficult. I'm personally very happy someone forked Gnome 2 and I hope it succeeds. It gives the users more options... And that is good.

By the way, what's the deal with the long winded KDE bashing? This article was about Gnome...

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