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Gnome GNOME 3.2 has been released. It's basically a collection of relatively small updates, improvements, and bug fixes. As whole, it's a pretty big upgrade, but there's nothing really that stands out to me - probably because I don't use GNOME3 myself so I really have no idea where it's lacking (if at all). Any GNOME3 users care to shine a light on this one?
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RE[3]: A pretty unholy mess...
by Yoko_T on Sun 2nd Oct 2011 11:50 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: A pretty unholy mess..."
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"I tried to use it, I tried to use it again, and just can't. For a power user, or just a user that needs to get serious work done, it is a disaster.

At least power users wont be afraid to try out some shell extensions. If you don't like how gnome3 work you can add a gnome2-like menu, or task bar, or why not a dock? But it seems you never bothered with that.

You've got to be kidding. Those shell extensions are like putting band-aids over a festering wound. They're useless.

You're right about one thing. I'm not bothering with Gnome 3 anymore, since it's damn clear that the people behind don't give a damn about the people who prefer the way Gnome 2 did things.

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