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Legal A few days ago, several countries signed ACTA, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. As you are probably aware, ACTA was drafted up in secret, and is basically Obama/Biden's attempt to impose the US' draconian pro-big business/big content protection laws on the rest of the world ('sign it, or else'). The European Parliament still has to vote on it, and as such, Douwe Korff, professor of international law at the London Metropolitan University, and Ian Brown senior research fellow at the University of Oxford, performed a 90-page study, with a harsh conclusion: ACTA violates fundamental human rights.
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RE[2]: Call me contrarian...
by lemur2 on Tue 4th Oct 2011 22:06 UTC in reply to "RE: Call me contrarian..."
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It is laws like these that, for example, makes it technically illegal to even watch DVDs on Linux using VLC.

Arguably, it isn't illegal to watch DVDs on Linux using VLC. One has paid for the optical DVD drive, one has paid for the DVD, and one has a license to run the VLC software. When one buys a DVD player and a DVD, one expects to be able to play it. "Playing" is what DVDs are meant for, afetr all, so the right to play them is implicit in the sale transaction.

The VLC software itself is not a copy of any other software, and it does not employ "stolen" keys nor any other information other than what is on the DVD itself. The decoding library (called libdvdcss) written and used by VLC has never been challenged in court. The VLC software does not have a "copy DVD" function, it is a player not a copier. The encoding used by DVDs is very weak, it is neither novel nor original, so it shouldn't have any patents applicable to it.

Why should it be illegal to watch a DVD on Linux using VLC?

No one who suggests it is illegal is ever able to explain what law has allegedly been breached by such an act.

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