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Legal A few days ago, several countries signed ACTA, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. As you are probably aware, ACTA was drafted up in secret, and is basically Obama/Biden's attempt to impose the US' draconian pro-big business/big content protection laws on the rest of the world ('sign it, or else'). The European Parliament still has to vote on it, and as such, Douwe Korff, professor of international law at the London Metropolitan University, and Ian Brown senior research fellow at the University of Oxford, performed a 90-page study, with a harsh conclusion: ACTA violates fundamental human rights.
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This ACTA stinks
by apcoelho on Tue 4th Oct 2011 23:17 UTC
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I believe that is important to maintain intellectual property, this ACTA act in my country - Portugal - violates two important laws or rights:

The first is that the proportion of the punishment to the crime. If the US wants that a single infringement be punish with a fine starting in $150.000 USD, imagine a single MP3 track to be punish in this way. Its completely illegal in my country.

The second, this act wants to invert the "innocent until proven guilty" right, by given the power to punishing without trial, and only by allegations to commit a crime or infringement. This is also illegal in my country, and I believe even in US, but laws are bend to the will of few.

In a few years, if nothing done against these laws-benders, I believe that the Internet as we know will disappear - maybe it appears another "Internet" parallel to the one that exists today, but more free.

Sorry for my English.

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