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Apple On its website, Apple has just confirmed that its co-founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs, has passed away at age 56. After bringing the company back from the brink of bankruptcy and turning it into one of the world's most succesful technology companies, Jobs lost the battle with pancreatic cancer.
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RE: I'm angry
by chmeee on Thu 6th Oct 2011 13:12 UTC in reply to "I'm angry"
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I agree with you about anger over it, but the unfortunate truth is that cancer as a whole can never be completely eradicated. Cancer is a mutation of cells, and you cannot stop mutations. Some mutations are beneficial (how else does evolution work), but most are harmful, and those are cancers. It's possible to treat, and maybe even cure a cancer on an individual, but it will never be possible to have a blanket cure or prevention. Sad, but true.

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