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BeOS & Derivatives Oh gosh, finally news that's got nothing to do with patents or smartphones or the comparing of male sexual organs. Haiku news! Michael Lotz has added preliminary support for WPA to Haiku, taking the first steps towards making the Haiku wireless stack a lot more useful.
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RE[7]: Comment by peteo
by Morgan on Thu 6th Oct 2011 18:15 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Comment by peteo"
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It's an analogy, look up the definition of the word.

Regardless, I still see it as flawed. Haiku's lack of usability at this point is solely due to its alpha state; the goal is and always has been to be a full fledged and productive operating system. That can never be said of your Tamagotchi; its sole intent is and always was to be a toy.

By your reasoning, all operating systems in existence are toys, as at some point in their lives they were alpha quality and barely usable by the general public. Would you consider OS X to be nothing but a toy? It is in fact quite a powerful and complete OS, though its first public release was hardly stable enough for everyday computing.

As for Haiku being "an end in itself" regarding its production state, again you're comparing an alpha state to fully released OSes. Coincidentally, you do realize that even those released operating systems go through active development cycles, wherein the current version of the OS is host to development? That's simply how it's done, certainly not an indication that an OS is flawed.

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