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OSNews, Generic OSes Looking to write your own operating system? MikeOS, an open source teaching project with detailed documentation, has just reached a new release. Version 4.2 includes new programs (a memory editor, calculator, and ASCII art designer), file management in the CLI, and improvements to the text editor. If you want to start completely from scratch, try this guide first.
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RE[5]: And...
by zima on Fri 7th Oct 2011 01:27 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: And..."
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Debian was named partly like that, apparently also after Debra Lynn ( ); in this case, it clearly worked in regards to slight "immortalizing" and such (I'm mentioning her after all)

Didn't seem work very well when it comes to long term relationship, but if you're after getting laid... ;) ;)

And damn, with my local world for "kernel" it could be ...awkward. It is essentially the same word as the one used for "testicle" (also other meanings, "nucleus" or "core" for example, but still)

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