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Apple I'm down with the flu at the moment, so I wasn't really looking forward to doing a detailed write-up of all the awesome stuff Apple was going to show off today. So, Tim Cook, thanks for talking about nothing for almost two hours straight. The only mildly interesting thing is a slightly specbumped iPhone 4, dubbed the iPhone 4S, which has a faster processor and graphics chip, better camera, and a few other improvements here and there to bring it in line with Android phones launched earlier this year. Sadly, Apple insists on the teeny tiny 3.5" screen, which is too small even for my girly fingers (I'm not kidding, I have to buy gloves in women's clothing stores). For the rest, it was a long rundown of iOS5 features we already knew, and improvements to voice recognition - which is something WP7, Android, and every other self-respecting mobile operating system does already anyway. They do claim it will sport a more natural feel to it, but only time will tell how well it'll work outside of pre-recorded and widely tested on-stage demos.
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RE[8]: Voice recognition
by Alfman on Fri 7th Oct 2011 06:45 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Voice recognition"
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The heater's a good example. I've seen digitally controlled fans with obnoxious overloaded buttons too. It's style over function.

Also, it appears that microsoft has subscribed to a number of the ideas on that list...

"To get the most screen space, force your application to always run maximized."

"When possible, disable window management and use unusual, oddly placed graphics for the windowing functions such as the window close option."

"Always crash at a critical step and then display a fake apology to the user."

"Rent extra UI space in your application out for advertising. Advertising benefits the users and your wallet."

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