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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Sources tell us that Nokia is developing a Linux-based replacement for its S40 phones, called Meltemi. The news was leaked, accurately, by the Wall Street Journal last week. Now we can confirm it. The thinking is that a Linux-based replacement for S40 will allow developers to tap into proven development tools - and Qt. The April memo referred to Meltemi as a platform for 'rich Featurephones' and stated that development will be centered in Ulm, Germany. There's no U-turn, however. Meltemi had been long-been touted as a richer successor to S40. Windows phones will occupy the budget smartphone segment, not Linux."
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Maybe something is being lost in translation, but Meego is a failure. It was to be the top tier smartphone platform from Nokia, but they switched to windows because they couldn't bring enough models to market quickly enough. Elop & co might be lying or something, but if he's correct then Meego was a failure and I don't see any reason why any other attempt at creating a different linux phone platform would end differently.

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